come wind or weather

across the silences these words are true

that answer sorrow with  a worthy smile

but will not pause to soften nor revile

your efforts nor the feelings that are due

this passing day what is it we review

among the many sights that might beguile

each voyager who reaches this last mile

is that the known provides us with a clue

some would be said to answer that the day

is not sufficient for all that we need

but we must struggle onwards into night

actors and viewers of the self-same play

not certain if our desperation’s greed

but ever hopeful we can get things right


crossing rivers

where crossing rivers can be made to count

against the value of all we hold dear

in spite of all that’s known at the frontier

where hope and learning are held paramount

no one would wait on those who’d dare remount

for the long journey of the pioneer

made by the awkward and the most sincere

who have their truths to keep and to recount

no voyage matters this at last we learn

except to those who never need the map

the ones excepted from each changing trend

those are the masters who will always yearn

to hear our answer yet not give a rap

since all must come out equal in the end

clearer paradigm

no evidence the world is bent in shape

a bluish globe with wooly white of cloud

the mountains form a contrast sharp and proud

against the sea we note the golden cape

while in the sky dark birds seem to escape

the planetary force while winds are loud

above the foam and yet we are uncowed

though eyes are open and all mouths agape

there is a reason we have reached this place

and taken stock at the appropriate time

for our authority to be compelled

into new channels and a different space

with better thought and clearer paradigm

now that the party’s over and trial’s held

no astrology

where no man argues and no woman fights

for good or evil we have reached an end

of human battles and the stars portend

no better indications as the nights

close in we note their distant blinking lights

as symbols we might faintly comprehend

when we are whole but what the worlds intend

is not a matter that we have to rights

the argument of workers in the day

or farmers when the wind upsets the trees

is much the same as when we all were young

to bring about the work without delay

ignore the rain and not yield to the breeze

since a strong back outdoes a silver tongue

human wit

where in the sunlight all the dirt’s dispelled

we take our leave then some will go to sleep

their blankets piled upon them in a heap

while in the forest all the spirits gelled

anticipating that when we excelled

at sport and art the answer would be deep

but nothing holds there’s no place here to keep

our kindnesses the earth itself rebelled

none can permit the law to be denied

 by those who are so bound to a far higher

that their hard hands are in the moment lit

by the illuminations of their pride

the incandescence of a greater fire

than can be understood by human wit

a universal rite

we fall so far that the first sign of light

awakens us to shaking and to pain

not ready but we face it all again

there was no comfort in the arms of night

we got it wrong so gelid is our plight

yet these are things that no one need explain

each is quite normal not a one’s arcane

for suffering’s a universal rite

what each must do is take up the hard load

of human courage as if it were new

and clasp it tightly without much regret

accept that this is one rough stony road

that comes with  sorrow and no good long view

and all is paid with labour and cold sweat

cancelled bill

some mention made then must the silence fall

upon the envies that have held us late

within the barrier lacking all freight

of decency or commerce but the tall

protectors of our honour lightly call

on such devotion as the wise relate

in their long histories and we do not state

a better truth the pain belongs to all

so what is earned after the sacrifice

no one regards as worthy of our toil

since it has fallen from no awesome height

but rather we are told that the full price

is not a matter for complaint or broil

but can be settled in a day and night